The last race of the NK 2019
5 Oct. Molenaar NSF100 Cup
6 Oct. Assen Open Class


 The race for the Molenaar NSF 100 Cup was only held on Saturday, so no free practice sessions, but immediately 2 qualifications and 2 races.
Q1: 4th time 1: 01: 52
Q2: 5th time 58: 69
Starting place on the grid: 5


Race 1:
Immediately in the first round I was touched by another participant.
Luckily I stayed on it but due to this action I had to let a few other riders go ahead.
In the end I improved my time to 58:31 and finished 7th.


Race 2:
My plan was to give it my all, one more time, and not forgetting to have fun. The starting lights came on and I was well off until we went into the corner ... I was on the outside and was in third place until another driver drove me off. Immediately a red flag followed because the motorbikes and riders were on the ground everywhere and nowhere.

Fortunately after a very quick check from the Medic, I was given the green light on site. I had to and was determined to be back on my bike to ride at the restart of race 2.

My motorcycle was also subjected to a check by the Molenaar mechanic and my dad . Fortunately it was still safe and in good order to start. Quickly back on the bike because all the other drivers were already ready on the starting grid for the restart and did not expect me to appear on the grid again.


I was 4th off and had nice competition for 4th and 5th place. In the end I could not hold 4th place because I was a bit troubled by the crash. I came in 5th over the finish line with lap time of 58: 33

Day result: 4th Final position NK Molenaar NSF100 Cup 2019: 9th place

The goal at the beginning of this year was to gain experience and finish in the first 10. I succeeded. I learned a lot with lots of falling, getting up and continuing.


Sunday, October 6

Despite the aches and pains of the day before, I started in the Assen open class with the goal to improve my riding time and competing with other NSF riders. Unfortunately there were 3 participants in this class so I had no opposition. But on my own strength I set a faster time of 57:82 and went home with a 1st place cup.