Race 7 Berghem

On Friday, September 6 I could already practice in the afternoon and I set fast times.


Saturday, September 7 Racing day!

Q1: 5th time 52:16

Q2: 3rd time 50:80 up to two laps before the end of qualifying 2 had the fastest time on the board but Thije and Loris just got over it with one tenth difference. Starting place: 3rd on the grid


Race 1: Well off at the start and for rode quite a while in position 2.

Then it was switching places where at a given moment I ended up in fourth place. Then it started drizzling and then you know that the go-kart track in Berghem turns into a smooth ice rink. Then, independently from each other and without any warning, Thije, Delano and I went under.

I got back on the bike as quickly as possible and with a few laps to go from the last place I tried to get back up front and crossed the finish line in 13th place. This was despite my second fastest time of this race w which was 52:28.




Race 2Started off good but unfortunately fell in the second curve. Quickly got back on the bike and the plan for this race changed quickly: From last place I was going to try to catch up with as many riders as possible and set a fast riding time. Flagged off at 10th place. Result of the day: 10th place

Sometimes it's okay and sometimes it's bad. On to the last race in Assen. The riding times don't lie and I am able to compete for the podium. But a little less bad luck would be nice …