European Championship 2019 te Assen

On Friday August 16, there was a free practice where I took to the tracks with the Honda NSF100 and the Metrakit.
The motorbikes felt good in the rain as well as on a dry track.
I was espacially happy to finally be able to race on the Metrakit again after almost 2 years. 

Saturday, August 17 
Qualifications runs!
In the photo below I am preparing myself: Focus!


Honda NSF100
Q1: 2e tijd (59.12) Unfortunately, Loris and I had super fast times but these were taken away every time because we drove over the track limit.
We were not aware of any harm because with the Dutch Championship and the training sessions we also drive over the curb stones, among other things.
After we had to appear before the race management, it was explained to us where we were driving over the white line and so we had to ride another line in qualification 2.
Q2: 3tr time (58.28) the fastest time for Loris Veneman was 56.89 and the second time for Rio Olofsen 58.14
Starting grid: 3rd




Mini GP/ Metrakit 50 RR
The Mini GP class rode togheter with the Ovahle 160 and 190 class.  
Q1: 2nd time 58.35 
Unfortunately my bike stopped after 8 laps.... I had just gotten the taste for it! 
Q2: DNS (not started because they were still busy with the enginege)
Starting grid: 2nd 


Sunday, August 18 Racing Day!

Honda NSF100
Warm up lap: fastest on the wet track 
Race 1: 2nd
I head a great start and so I immediatley took the lead in the first corner we enterd. At one point I had to let Loris take the lead and I was in second place. I didn't give up this spot anymore and therefore finished 2nd. 

Race 2: 3rd
Again head start!! 
At one point ended up in third place and aslo finished as 3rd. I managed to improve my time in race 2.  
Results European Championship 2019 Honda NSF100: 3rd 


Mini GP
Warm up lap: We really needed this to get the engine going after it had stopped in Q1. 
Race 1: 3rd time
Race 2: 3rd time
There would certainly have been more and a faster time, but because of the engine failure I knew that I had to be very happy that I was able to ride both races.
The mechanics did everything that had to be done for the bike appear at the starting grid. Super thanks!!!
Results European Championship 2019 Mini GP: 3rd 


Twice I brought home a bronze plaque from Assen.
This would not have been possible without my European main sponsor Dre74 and all other sponosrs, €lub of 10, family and friends.
Thanks again!!
They also cam from the Jeugdjournaal to film an I was allowed to give an intervieuw. 


There is no rest because Tuesday 20 August a new school adventure starts at the Scheldemond College with introduction and sport days.
This school is especially for athletes who want to use his/her qualities in the sport as well as possible.
I am very curious about my new classmates in the VWO class.