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Free practice sessions were scheduled for Friday, April 15th.
In these 6 sessions I got to know the track, adjusted the engine and tried to collect as much data as possible.
Saturday April 16yh, Qualifying day.
Qualification 1: 2nd fastest time, I just had to find my way between the fast Aprilias that also competed from a different class and improve Friday's time. This worked great!
Qualification 2: 2nd fastest time, narrowing the distance to No. 1 and improving my time again. 
Sunday April 17th, race day! 
Race 1: 2nd place, because I hadn't practiced much, I had to pay attention and I couldn't completely avoid a wheelie at the start.
I ride consistent times and satisfied with the result.
Race 2: 2nd place, this race was more difficult because the crashes in the previous races had left oil on the ideal line.
The organization had cleaned it up as best as possible, but it always remains slippery for a while afterwards.
In this shortened race it took a little more effort to regain confidence in the track.
Despite the more difficult conditions, the same times were driven, which shows that even more can be achieved in good conditions.
Daily result: 2nd
It was a positive weekend with nice progress every day.
It was my second time on the Kawasaki and I am getting more and more comfortable with it.
This was also a good preparation for the team for the first IDM competition at the Lauzitsring (6 to 8 May)