At the invitation of the KNMV Opleidingen,
I was introduced to the Honda Moriwaki 250cc.

The Moriwaki has the same dimensions as a Moto3, but with slightly less power. On Friday afternoon, October 11, I was expected at the TT junior track circuit in Assen. Here, under the guidance of Barry Veneman, we first got an explanation about the Honda. Then while we were doing our warm-up, the parents had an informative conversation about future plans, in which direction do you go: MotoGP or Supersport as well as which budgets are involved.

The KNMV had 2 Moriwaki's on rain tires and we took turns riding sessions in the rain. I had also taken the Honda NSF100 with me and I was able to have good practice runs (in full rain). This was of course when I was not on the Moriwaki.

Afterwards it was decided to let us train again with the Honda Moriwaki on Sunday 13 October so we could experience the bike in dry conditions. Both days I learned a lot and had a lot of fun.


As the very last training of this racing season, there was 1 date left on the calendar.

I could hardly wait until it was finally Monday. I had all the bends and gears in my head and played the necessary hours on the Playstation Redbull Rookies circuit in Assen beforehand. On Sunday afternoon, 27 October, dad and I left for Assen. We had to be there on Monday at 9 a.m. In the evening upon arrival in Assen we walked the Circuit together with Thije and his father.

Monday morning it was cool but at least dry with a nice sunshine. After the briefing we took turns on the circuit. I was able to improve myself with every lap / session and it was really such a great experience. I want to do this and will do this more often !!!

Thank you “KNMV Opleidingen” for this experience and not to mention the Scheldemond College Vlissingen which gives me the opportunity to take time off from school to make my dream come true.